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Digital Marketing
Basics & Proffessional Selling Skills
You should know that there are many differences between experience and quality experience, So I am working to train and teach you everything I've learned from academic content and practical experience over more than 12 years in this field with individuals and companies. " B2B & B2C"
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التفاعل من خلال الهواتف واجهزة الكمبيوتر

وصول دائم للملف الشخصي والشهادات

ما الذي سوف تتعلمه

The common sales' rules said everything begins with attitude so how we do it?

How do you deal with your appearance and body language?

Personal development as a Sales Professional.

Organization and Time Management.

The Power of Product Knowledge.

The sales tricks on " B2B & B2C " deals.

Proposal and worksheet forms.

Prospecting and lead generation.

Qualifying, Probing questions.

Making a qualified proposal.

Objections and how to deal with it.

Negotiations & Communication skills.

Personal sales action plan.

How to be a part from other departments.

Why & When your customer buy.

Selling a service or product to every segment. Class A, B,.. .

How to add value to a customer and how to sell on value.

Working with Personality types.

The Four types of selling. " Transactional, Solution, Consultative & Provocative selling "

At last but not least : How do you sell product with more flaws than features?

And More Cases studies with every point

Thing before your prospecting. You might think prospecting is the first sales

process step.

Prospect and research...

Cold Calls.

The sales cycle to reach to customer.


Qualifying Customers.

Needs Or Creating Needs.

Warm up with open questions according to customer types.

Follow up, Visits, proposal, Close... etc

Phone selling is a key to success. How to do it?

The unique techniques of phone selling.

Ask for referrals.

Obstacles phone selling.

Follow up methods.

How to pass the receptionist.

How to create needs on phone selling.

How to close deal with phone. pro. techniques

Identify goals and objectives of the sales team.

How to hire exceptional Sales People.

Performance Evaluations.

Train your team to identify your target market.

Tasks to increase collections.

Product knowledge & Development the team.

Compensations and penalty.

Follow up with customer after sales' calls.

Know what your competitors are offering.

How to train your team to Sell On Value


إسلام قاسم

Sales Development Manager & Freelance Trainer Sales, Customers Service & Business Skills


Over 12 years' experience in sales includes 8 years at the managerial positions and 9 years till present as a trainer, so i want to improve all of it using mentioned skills, courses and also my character to get a high level of professionalism and growth


Sales Development , Customers Service , Business Skills